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Galactic Underground

Summary » new races and new matrices


Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century already has gobs of background material, but that did not stop us from giving you event more. The Galactic Underground contains a variety of articles, stories, races, background material, and other goodies to help you flesh out and understand your Battlelords character and his environment better. So read carefully and absorb all you can. The Battlelords universe is a tough place, so keep your head down.

The Galactic Underground contains:

  • Goola-Goola - short, stocky, and mechanically inclined.
  • I-Bot - the pinnacle of artificial intelligence.
  • Kizanti - with the natural ability to displace.
  • Expanded background material on the Eridani and Phentari.
  • More skills.
  • New Fickle Finger of Fate tables to make your character even more unique.
  • Many new matrices for Empaths, Energy Controllers, and Healers.


"A one of a kind source book with new skills, gear, race info, matrixes, and fun information that any game master would love to use. This book will be the most used book in any Battlelords collection."

Dane of War

Product Spec:

Price: $15.95
Pages: 112
Author(s): Lawrence R. Sims, Benjamin Pierce, Doug Nelson
Artist(s): Michael Osadciw, James Carlton
ISBN: 978-0-9679400-7-6
SKU: 301

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